Full Audio Production

Primarily a recording studio, The Decibel Foundry is the perfect place to produce your next full length, EP, single, or even demo. We can work at all budget levels for just about any size project. From the first note tracked to the final mastering all the way to digital/physical distribution, we can help.


After the songs are written, the first step is getting them recorded or tracked. The Decibel Foundry combines classic and modern recording techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. Recording is an art and the sonic picture really begins with the tracking. We work hard to help achieve your sonic vision from the very start of the project. With 32-track simultaneous recording, we can do full bands live together or solo instruments.  Combined with our array of drum kits, amps, and other instruments, we can deliver professional results with the highest fidelity.

Studio A:

  • 18×24 Live Room, 2x Isolation Booths, 1x Control Room
  • 32-Track Simultaneous I/O with Midas and Universal Audio Conversion
  • 16 Track headphone system
  • 5 Drumsets, 8 Snares, 14 amps, 18 guitars, 2 cymbal sets: contact us for details.

Studio C:

  • Offsite Mixing and Mastering
  • Hybrid Digital/Analog
  • MOTU ESS Sabre and Mytek Conversion
  • Focal Monitoring


Mixing is a critical step in any production.  This takes all the raw recorded tracks and blends them together into a stereo track.  It is an artistic and technical process that can give the song impact and punch or make it soft and pretty.  We are also always happy to work with tracks that were recorded at other studios.  The goal is to bring your tracks to life and achieve your artistic vision for your songs and deliver professional results.


Mastering or technically Pre-Mastering is the final polish on a mix in preparation for duplication and distribution.  The goal is make sure the songs translate to multiple system while being commercially competitive in volume and sonic quality.  At this point it is our recommendation to work with another engineer to get another perspective on the production. So we often are hired to only do the mastering of mixes.  However we will often master our own mixes for budgetary reasons.

We are happy to work with you to get your project completed and fits within your goals and budget.

Other Services

Being involved in the music industry, The Decibel Foundry can help with many other aspects of audio production.  We have done audio restoration, tape transfers, livening up cell phone recordings, etc.  There are also many other aspects with putting out an EP or Full Length that we are happy to help you with.

Example Services

  • Audio Restoration
  • Digitizing Analog Recordings
  • Cell Phone and Live Recording Enhancement
  • Digital Distribution
  • YouTube Album Videos
  • Graphic Design: Album Covers, Flyers, T-shirts, Etc.
  • CD, Cassette, and Vinyl Production
  • Anything audio related, just ask!