When the studio is not booked for recording, the live room is rented out hourly for band rehearsal. A full backline (drums, amps, PA, etc.) is provided for quick setup and teardown. That way you can get to making music faster.

Unfortunately dedicated rooms or lockout space is not available at this time.

Backline Specs:

  • Mapex Mars 5-Piece Drum Kit (22,10,12,16), Mapex Mars Birch Snare and Tama Steel Snare
    • 3 Cymbal Stands, 1 Hi-Hat Stand
    • Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Pedal
    • DW3000 Single Kick Pedal
    • Padded Throne
    • Sticks not provided but available for sale.
  • 2x Peavey ValveKing 100W Tube Heads with 4×12 speaker cabinets
  • 1x Bugera Veyron 2000W Bass head with 4×10 speaker cabinet
  • 3x Vocal Microphones with Stands
  • 2x Yamaha DSR215 Tower Speakers w/ Mixer

How it Works

Rehearsal is pretty relaxed. Contact us for your first rehearsal to get oriented. After that contact us to book times and we will give you the door code for that day. Payment can be made electronically or left in cash for later collection.

There are no noise restrictions or time limits. The studio is available 7-days a week, 24 hours a day.


Rates vary based on time of day and demand:

  • M-F 12am-6pm (daytime): $15/hr
  • M-F 6pm-12am (evenings): $20/hr
  • Sat-Sun 24 hours: $20/hr
  • Solo Rehearsal: $10/hr
    • Solo rehearsal/practice only, no duets or bands