Video Production

From music videos, to live streaming and capturing and editing live concerts, we have have you covered!

For now the best thing is to head over to our head engineer/videographer Augustine Ortiz’s Website and Portfolio for more information.

Live Video Production

We can handle multi-angle with multi-tracked professional audio.  Also willing to be an additional camera operator for an event. We have 4k production capability and can shoot and edit or anywhere in between.

Music Videos

Full on music videos, editing together stock footage, or editing your own footage gives various options for bands. The necessity for music videos is pretty much essential in todays market.

Shortform Content

Tiktok, Reels, etc. can be cut from your music videos and live performance videos.

Lyric Videos and Visualizers

We aren’t the best with those, since that is more animation. However we can refer you to some of our great contacts or broker the transaction with a selection of artists we work with.